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The Pearl of Africa is blessed with an unparalleled natural beauty. In the west, the Rwenzori peaks reach towards the sky, the perfect challenge for bold explorers. Across the nation, parks are home to some of the world’s most exotic animals: Silverbacks, lions and countless others, ooh… Uganda is home to Africa’s big 7.

Ugandan culture and heritage

The coming of Arabs, the Royal geographical society, the church missionary societies, the society of missionaries of Africa/white fathers from the Religious institute of missionaries of Africa, the mill hill mission and extra added to the catalogue of the Ugandan cultures and heritage and with a mixtape of colonialism together created a breed of new demographics of regions and political boundaries called districts. The population is further characterized as Muslims, Catholics, Anglicans, partisans, regional and extra.

Uganda National Parks

Uganda is a small country but blessed with remarkable biodiversity that is compared to none. While her neighbors invest heavily in marketing and promoting their major tourism resources, Uganda sits quietly believing that eventually people will discover her on their own – call it being complacent. One clear example of this complacency is in regards to the Mountain Gorillas. Uganda is best country for gorilla trekking

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