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8 Best things to do in Rwanda

Rwanda Safaris are popular on most travelers’ bucket lists when planning an African Safari. Rwanda is renowned for its excellent primate trekking adventure especially mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. Although Rwanda is famous for primate adventures, there are various safari activities and experiences in Rwanda, and in this article, we discuss the 8 Best things to do in Rwanda.

The 8 Best things to do in Rwanda are the most popular and done safari activities in Rwanda, that will take you to the most beautiful places in Rwanda. The 8 Best things to do in Rwanda will allow you to experience all the top safari experiences and activities in Rwanda while giving you a chance to immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture, unique landscapes, and jangles for adventure.  8 Best things to do in Rwanda are the highlights of tourist attractions and experiences in Rwanda. Here is all you need to know about Rwanda safari attractions

What to do while in Rwanda – 8 Unique things to do in Rwanda

  1. Gorilla Trekking

A Safari to Rwanda without trekking gorillas is not a safari. Mountain gorilla trekking is one of Africa’s most profound wildlife encounters and Rwanda is blessed to be one of the few African countries with mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Trekking these wild gentle giants in their Natural habitat is a life-changing experience that will leave you in awe! Gorilla trekking should surely be on top of your must-do things while in Rwanda. Rwanda Gorilla trekking involves joining a group of trekkers and hiking deep in the tropical rainforests of Volcanoes National Park to search for habituated gorilla families.

To trek gorillas in Rwanda, you need to acquire a gorilla trekking permit which is a legal document issued by the Rwanda Development Board. The Rwanda gorilla permit is the most expensive compared to all other gorilla trekking destinations. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be done all year round but the dry months between July and October offer more favorable gorilla trekking conditions.

Note: Trekking gorillas in Rwanda Require a gorilla trekking Permit. A gorilla Trekking permit in Rwanda costs USD 1500 for foreign non-residents. Here are some of the best Rwanda deals for 2024

  1. Chimpanzee Trekking – 8 Best things to do in Rwanda

One of the 8 Best things to do in Rwanda, Chimpanzee trekking is another popular primate adventure in Rwanda besides gorilla trekking. Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is done in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Chimpanzees share up to 98% of their DNA with humans, and during your chimp trekking tours in Rwanda, you will feel a sense of familiarity as they try to mimic human behavior. these creatures are amazing to watch in their natural habitat. The main destination for Rwanda chimpanzee trekking is Nyungwe Forest National Park which is home to two habituated chimpanzee troops.

One of the Habituated troops is found at Cyamudongo, a detached section of Nyungwe forest, and the other trop resides around Uwinka. Just like mountain Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe involves hiking deep in the tropical rainforest to search for the habituated Chimpanzee troops. Upon locating the chimpanzees, you will be allowed about one full hour to view them, and take photographs. Here are hot deals for you

  1. Golden Monkey tracking – 8 Best things to do in Rwanda

The golden monkey is one of Rwanda’s Unique primates that you should look to track during your Rwanda safari tour. The Golden Monkeys (Cercopithecus kandti) are one of the world’s most endangered primate species and a few individuals can be found in the wild. In Rwanda, Golden monkeys can be found in Volcanoes National Park.  Volcanoes National Park is home to a substantial population of golden monkeys, offering a great opportunity for tracking them during your visit here.

Golden monkeys have a striking appearance, characterized by a bright golden-orange patch on their upper flanks, back, and tail. They are social animals and live in social groups called troops that usually number between 30 to 60 individuals. Tracking Golden Minkey in Rwanda is one of the best things to do during Rwanda Safaris.

Just like any other primate tracking experience, Tracking Golden Monkeys in Rwanda involves trekking through the thick lush forests.

  1. Hiking Karisimbi

For adventure lovers, a hike to the highest point in Rwanda is worthwhile. Mount Karisimbi is the highest volcano in Rwanda and the fifth highest in Africa. This Mountain is part of the Virunga Rangest that spans three countries Rwanda, Uganda, and D. R Congo. Climbing or Hiking to the summit of this volcano is a worthwhile challenge that you should include in your bucket list when traveling to Rwanda. The highest point on Mount Karisimbi is at an elevation of 4,507 meters (14,787 feet).

The name “Karisimbi” translates to “white shell” in Kinyarwanda, referring to the frequently snow-capped summit. Since it is sitting high in the clouds, a hiking adventure will allow you to have a breathtaking view of Rwanda and all the nearby surroundings. Hiking to the summit of this volcano takes a minimum of two days, with overnight camping at approximately 3,800 meters (12,500 feet). Climbing to the summit of Mount Karisimbi requires physical fitness, and endurance – for those with past hiking experience you will surely succeed in reaching the top of this volcano. If you are planning to visit Rwanda, Hiking is one of the best safari activities you can embark on and make it to our list of the 8 Best things to do in Rwanda.

  1. Iby’iwacu Cultural Experience in Rwanda

Iby’iwacu cultural experience is a perfect way to immerse yourself in Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage. This activity is one of the unique and incredible activities to do in Rwanda and it is popular for travelers visiting Volcanoes National Park. The Rwanda cultural experience allows travelers to learn more about Rwanda people.  The Iby’iwacu cultural visit in Rwanda will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the traditional way of life of the local community. The Iby’iwacu cultural experience is centered around the Iby’iwacu Village, which is located outside of Volcanoes National Park, home to the Batwa people.

At the Iby’iwacu Village, you will be introduced to various aspects of Batwa culture, including traditional dances, songs, and costumes among others. You will also learn about hunting techniques, cultivation practices, and other customs that have been passed down through generations. One of the most exciting experiences in Rwanda.

  1. Visit Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is a beautiful and scenic freshwater lake located in the western part of Rwanda, famous for its diverse safari activities. Lake Kivu is one of the lakes in the African Great Lakes region and offers visitors a wide range of activities and attractions to experience during their Rwanda safari tours.

The Lake Kivu’s breathtaking natural beauty is one of the key draws for travelers. Lush green hills and mountains around the lake, creating a magnificent setting for leisurely walks, treks, or boat trips. To take in the breathtaking scenery and tranquil environment, you may go on a boat excursion on the lake. Lake Kivu has a range of water sports activities, including kayaking, canoeing, and jet skiing, for those looking for a little adventure. The lake’s clean, serene waters are perfect for these kinds of activities, and guests can frequently make use of rental amenities.

  1. Canopy Walk in Rwanda – 8 Best things to do in Rwanda

A Canopy Walk is a unique and exciting safaris activity in Rwanda that can be done in Nyungwe forest. Canopy walking safaris offer a unique and exciting way to explore the stunning natural beauty of Nyungwe Forest with opportunities to spot the different wildlife and birdlife from above.

This activity is one of a kind and can only be done in Rwanda. Canopy walks are done on a suspended walkway that is found in Nyungwe forest National Park. Canopy walking safari should not miss out on your list of the must do things in Rwanda. The experience is really remarkable as you will enjoy scenic views of the forest, bird life, especially forest species, and resident wildlife like Chimpanzees among others.

The canopy walks also grant visitors the opportunity to learn more about the unique plant and animal species that are found in the forest. The Activity is led by Knowledgeable guides who will share fascinating facts and insights as you traverse the treetops. A canopy walking safari tours are a great way to appreciate the rich biodiversity of Rwanda and immerse yourself in the countries prime destinations.

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